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Industrial Adhesives for Wood and Construction

Fillers and Waxes to repair wood

Glues for DIY and school handicraft

Plaster C3 Plaster C3
Plaster Supertak Montaje Plaster Supertak Montaje
Ziur Aqua Ziur Aqua
Plaster Pur 15 Plaster Pur 15
Plaster D3 Plaster D3
Plaster V3 Plaster V3
Plaster PM Flex Plaster PM Flex
Bustin / Ziur 2 Bustin / Ziur 2
Ziur Poliester 2K Ziur Poliester 2K


ZIUR POLIESTER 2K is a wood repair filler for outdoors with high performance


It is frequent that a wood filler has not only to repair the wood defect but also provide a hard surface and resistance to exterior conditions.

¿How to achieve this?

ZIUR POLIESTER 2K is a bi-component filler that provides excellent finishing in exterior applications and also allows to be nailed and screwed. Once the repaired surface is sanded, it can be painted and varnished.

Colours available: Pine, Oak, Walnut, Redish Wood

Other colours: contact us. 

Plaster PM FLEX, a product to set football fences

Real application of Plaster PM FLEX on thermoplastic surface

Nowadays we can find metallic or concrete fences with sharp and rusty edges on the football field where our children play. This is dangerous as they can hit themselves against them.

The solution is to find a flexible and resistant material that will reduce the impact and that does not cause wounds. This means, a round thermoplastic fence that is reinforced with glass fibre.


But, ¿How could we bond a material that has bad adherence properties, small surface and resistant requirements?

The best solution is the Plaster PM FLEX adhesive for assemblies. It is easy to apply, it dries very fast and is resistant to environmental and mechanic conditions.


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